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** Update** – New News Report of Damage Added

This tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL around 5pm EST today (4/27/2011). The supercell that produced is still raging as of 9pm EST headed NE at 60 mph is currently in NW Georgia, and is producing an “extremely dangerous” tornado according to the NWS.

**New Video**

Storm DamageĀ  – Photo by @AaronSuttles


A close call for this guy! Notice how swiftly it moves and unpredictable it is.

Click To See The Paths of the Worst Tornadoes That HitĀ  North Carolina on April 16, 2011 (Courtesy

Colerain, N.C. Tornado 4.16.2011 Courtesty Richard Burkett - In this April 16, 2011 photo provided by Bonnie Burkett, a tornado moves through Colerain, N.C. The photographer, Richard Burkett, snapped the picture shortly before he and his wife took cover in a closet underneath their stairs. The tornado hit their barn and came over their house seconds after the picture was taken.