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** Update** – New News Report of Damage Added

This tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL around 5pm EST today (4/27/2011). The supercell that produced is still raging as of 9pm EST headed NE at 60 mph is currently in NW Georgia, and is producing an “extremely dangerous” tornado according to the NWS.

**New Video**

Storm Damage  – Photo by @AaronSuttles


9:22pm PST  4/25/2011 – From South of Dallas to Chicago – That’s One EXTREME Line of Thunderstorms

Red is Flash Flood Warnings @ 9:25pm PST 4.25.2011
Nearly The Entire State of Arkansas Is Under a Flash Flood WARNING!

The  Ongoing Major Flooding In The Heartland Only Looks To Rapidly  Worsen With…

… This Predicted 1-5 Day Precipitation Total Issued at 5pm CST 4.25.2011