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One Of The Most Incredible Videos Of The Tsunami Power And Volume Of Water


28 Minutes Of Video From The Helicopter As Japan Tsunami Overtakes Buildings, Farms, & Cars

Part 1


Part 2


See The Incredible Power Of the Japan Tsunami’s Crushing Force


Tsunami Quickly Engulfs Japanese Port Town


Newer Video At 1:53 Point Shows How Quickly Tsunami Hit In Some Areas

See the horrific tsunami disaster in Japan unfold. Help as you can by following the Samaritan’s Purse or Red Cross link. Alert me to other videos and images in comments.

***UPDATE*** NEWEST VIDEO – Street Level View Of Tsunami’s Relentless Power

Onlookers Watch As Homes Are Swept Away

Dramatic Wall Of Water Overcoming Building In An Instant

The Height Of The Tsunami Rapidly Increases

Live Footage From NHK-World Of Tsunami Relentlessly Engulfing Everything In Its Path

See The Tsunami Arriving

A Picture Captures The Power Of The Water. It Is Beyond Words