** Update** – New News Report of Damage Added

This tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL around 5pm EST today (4/27/2011). The supercell that produced is still raging as of 9pm EST headed NE at 60 mph is currently in NW Georgia, and is producing an “extremely dangerous” tornado according to the NWS.

**New Video**

Storm Damage  – Photo by @AaronSuttles


9:22pm PST  4/25/2011 – From South of Dallas to Chicago – That’s One EXTREME Line of Thunderstorms

Red is Flash Flood Warnings @ 9:25pm PST 4.25.2011
Nearly The Entire State of Arkansas Is Under a Flash Flood WARNING!

The  Ongoing Major Flooding In The Heartland Only Looks To Rapidly  Worsen With…

… This Predicted 1-5 Day Precipitation Total Issued at 5pm CST 4.25.2011

A close call for this guy! Notice how swiftly it moves and unpredictable it is.

Click To See The Paths of the Worst Tornadoes That Hit  North Carolina on April 16, 2011 (Courtesy NewsObserver.com)

Colerain, N.C. Tornado 4.16.2011 Courtesty Richard Burkett - In this April 16, 2011 photo provided by Bonnie Burkett, a tornado moves through Colerain, N.C. The photographer, Richard Burkett, snapped the picture shortly before he and his wife took cover in a closet underneath their stairs. The tornado hit their barn and came over their house seconds after the picture was taken.

Note on Videos in this Post: Many of these are long, and show the tsunami coming from a distance, others reveal the intensity of the moment the ones with the camera quickly escape. There is a wide variety of angles and observations that reveal over and over, the extreme power and intensity that earth released off the coast of Japan one month ago today when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck. The opportunity remains to donate to help those who are still in great need.

Note The MASSIVE Crashing Wave In the Background at 0.45-1:05

Before/After Satellite Shots of Rikuzentakata
Courtesy of NASA and NASA Earth Observatory. See Full Article Here

Note the total reshaping of the coastline & beach that used to exist.

Rikuzentakata After- 6MB Large

In This Animation, Note That The Large Area of Orange That Appears Denotes A Raise In Sea-Level That Is 10 Meters And GREATER In Depth. 10 Meters Is 32.8 Feet, Or The Height Of A Three Story Building.

And As Is Obvious From This Video, The Tsunami Came In Incredible Speed And Power

Japan Tsunami Violently Crashing Ashore

Driving Along The Sea-Wall Suddenly Changes

A Huge Tsunami Wave At Sea

One Of The Most Incredible Videos Of The Tsunami Power And Volume Of Water